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Upgraded Marcellus Shale Map

Our mapping application allows users to view issued permits, violations, gas production and waste disposal information.

We've decided to rework our best informational resource based upon our user's suggestions. If you'd like to make a suggestion, please contact us today.

Tracking Local Impact Fee Enactments.

HB 1950 was signed into law by Governor Corbett on February 14, 2012. This law established a narrow timetable for local governments to impose impact fees on gas development activity in their areas.

37 counties have 60 days to enact and notify the Public Utility Commission of their decision to levy an impact fee on natural gas developers. If County Officials neglect to act within this time, 50% of the Municipalities within the County or enough to comprise 50% of the County's population must enact similar ordinances.

We've applied the formulas contained in HB1950 to available data in order to arrive at a projection of what local governments can expect to recieve if EVERY eligible County successfully enacts an impact fee. We've plotted this data on a map that anyone can view by clicking here.

To supplement this effort we've obtained contact information for every county and municipal official and have provided a simple interface for our users to declare their support or opposition to the enactment of an impact fee.

As local officials and members of the public interact with our system the values contained in our map will update to reflect public opinion and official actions. This enables us to calculate the actual amount each County and Municipality can expect to receive as opposed to relying on assumptions.

Marcellus Shale Activity Alerts.

The information you want devlivered at your convenience. Our users now have the option to suscribe for instant updates at intervals of their choosing.

As our system updates itself we'll send you email or sms txt message notifications of recent activity with links for additional information.

Marcellus Jobs: If you make them, we'll track them.

Are you tired of all the uncertianty and rhetoric surrounding the question of Marcellus Job Creation? We are too! This is why we've taken the North American Industry Classification System and we're asking our users to bring Pennsylvania's economy to life.

If you own a business that has created one or more jobs due to increased activity related to Marcellus Development, we need you to tell us. This portion of our website is open to any sector of the Commonwealth's economy, as we're aiming to illustrate job creation throughout the Commonwealth.

After we verify that your business is registered within the Commonwealth, we'll enable your account so you can provide us with real-time information about your business and the affects Marcellus development has had on it.

Sign up today and help us generate real figures as opposed to contradicting projections.

Water: Where's Your Source?

Do you have a spring or well? Help us log it!
Under Act 610 of 1955, the Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey is responsible for licensing water well drillers and collecting water-well location and construction data.

Unfortunately, the weakest link in many of those records is the location of the well. Filling this data gap is essential to developing a comprehensive analysis of drilling activity and its impact on our water supplies.

Sign up today and help us log the location of our Commonwealth's water wells and springs.

Marcellus Shale Map

Our mapping application allows users to view issued permits, violations, gas production and waste disposal information.

The universe of possibilities is endless here, so if you would like to see different data or something displayed differently, please contact us.

Get Organized

Organizers can now utilize our services to keep their communities engaged and informed. Find groups that are active in your area to receive updates about scheduled events, meetings and gatherings.

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