Landowners that utilize water wells or springs for their water supply are encouraged to sign up and register their water source. Using the form to your right, we plan on utilizing this data to augment existing data sets to enhance policies designed to protect public and private water supplies. After registering you'll be able to login and document your water source.

208 of the Oil and Gas Act (1984, P.L.1140, No.223) governs the protection of water supplies and how the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) handles landowner complaints.

Pursuant to 208(c) well operators are presumed to be liable for the pollution of water supplies within 1,000 feet of an oil or gas well if pollution results within six months of completion or alteration of the well in question.

In order to preserve your rights as a landowner, it is essential for you to get your well water tested PRIOR to gas development activity beginning. For your convenience we've aggregated the DEP's list of certified labs which is easily searchable at our Commercial Accredited Labs Directory.

DEP has published a guidance document for pre-drilling water testing standards, which is available here. Although these are minimum standards, FrackTrack encourages you to seek professional advice prior to having your water tested.

UPDATE: You can now embed our water well registry in your website by obtaining a key at our Developers Page.